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How does the Energitismo Portal strengthen your brand?
The Energitismo Portal provides the following benefits:

  • International website in English and Italian plus selected promotions in other languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Greek
  • Content magazine style portal with four legs: The Journal, Our Discoveries, Our Collection, and Events
  • Articles in The Journal and member promotions in their native language as well as English and Italian to strengthen your brand
  •  Over 200 articles covering the range of Energitismo interests with up to five additions each week, all in an easy to find format and linked to Our Discoveries and social media
  • Our Collection of the ‘Best of the Best’ of unique works of elegant artistic products
  • Social Media Marketing – Products, stories and events on the major social networks
  • ‘Events’ promoting ‘Happenings’ organised by Energitismo, our Members and associated organisations such as museums and galleries
  • Within ‘Events’, a section ’Courses’ that details the artisanal and artistic courses available from our Partners (e.g. Busato lithography, Ilario Tartaglia weaving, Florio Pozza didgeridoo)
  • ‘Energitismo Newsletter’ promoting new members and items of interest, sent to over 15,000 subscribers
  • ‘Energitismo Product News’ is a newsletter promoting several members having application commonality (e.g. jewellery, outdoor furniture)
  • Energitismo Partnership – collaboration with cultural associations and foundations, Art Galleries, Research and Innovation Institutions.
  • Energitismo Personal Assistant – Coaching and counseling to promote company events, cultural and artistic happenings related to the company’s web presence.
  • Energitismo Press Office – Editing and promotion of exclusive articles and press releases. Important Media partners (e.g.
  • Energitismo Connects – a free service wherein Energitismo assists partners to locate experts, suppliers and services internationally
  • ‘Special Interest Newsletter’ is prepared for a special interest group (e.g. International Opera Theatre) and opens the door to Energitismo for a new band of readers.
  • Catalyse and manage collaborations between partners that enhance business opportunities, at no cost (e.g. Silk Way, Bossa Buffona)
  • ‘Energitismo Together’ – teaming of partners for reduced cost of involvement in major exhibitions (introduced for November 2014)
  • ‘Energitismo On-Line Atelier’- selling on-line products and services from our partners (introduced for November 2014)
  • Energitismo Artisan Tours – a new initiative where we collaborate with tour operators to provide special interest and local area tours to the studios of our Partners – opportunity for on-site sales.

Energitismo will strengthen your Brand.

Claudia Bettiol

IT Ingegnere, futurista e fondatrice di Discoverplaces. Consulente per lo Sviluppo Turistico dei Territori, specializzato nella sostenibilità e nella promozione culturale dei piccoli territori e delle piccole imprese. Ama i cavalli ENG Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in sustainability and in cultural promotion of small places and small enterprises. She loves horses


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