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Eva Franceschini is a young goldsmith of Padua who started to craft very romantic personalized engagement rings for couples wishing to avow eternal love to each other. Her idea is that every love story is unique – so it needs to be matched by a unique ring that symbolizes this special relationship. Eva’s talents to meet the desires of the public who now seeks from all over the world.

As a goldsmith, Eva was born ten years ago when she met Lucia Davanzo and became her “apprentice”. After a long apprenticeship, Eva now walks with her own goldsmith’s legs, and has opened her own small jewellery workshop where she finds “fun” creating new forms.

Eva, what does “Personalized engagement rings” mean?

For me it is to create rings that interpret the dreams of the couple who will wear them. I study the shape of the ring carefully with the fiancee’s boyfriend, or wife’s husband, and I dedicate much time to my client to the point that even the execution time of each ring is adjusted to this philosophy. Anyone who happens to visit my website does not choose from a catalog but wants to seek more!

My idea is that a custom engagement ring reflects the couple. The time that the couple, along with me, dedicate to the project that the ring is a symbol of their love, is the signal that their’s is a sincere feeling and unique. This couple knows how to carve precious time beyond today’s busy world. In fact the people who usually come to my lab live happily in harmony with nature and seek ethical products, in line with their lifestyle. I like to think this is so, perhaps it is a somewhat romantic view of the world, but it has fortunately been confirmed by many couples.

What is so “elegant” about your products?

I strive to produce elegant jewellery with simple shapes that stand out thanks to applying the technique typical of the Paduan goldsmith school founded by the great Mario Pinton. The Paduan school rarely uses wax models, but creates forms by welding together sheets and gold threads, and by forming and embossing these elements.
And I like to challenge myself by participating in jewellery exhibitions and competitions around the world.

What are the creations that characterize you?

I do not have a real production line, but I have a single line or a product to be launched on a wide scale. I create unique pieces and I continue my small production of contemporary jewellery, so we say that my line is more creative and bizarre but it is sustainable. For example, I buy only certified ethical Canadian diamonds.

What feelings have inspired the creation of these products?

Passion for my work, dedication and ethics. And a touch of romance and love for life.

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