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Walking under the base of the Xi’an City Wall, I can see the bustling crowd and the busy streets.

When I brush the old wall, the traces left by years of erosion remind me that here lies the ancient capital of thirteen Dynasties – Xi’an.
Every time I walk by the City Wall, Xi’an seems to become again the capital of the Tang Dynasty – Chang’an.

The Xi’an City Wall has a hundred years of history, a more special existence than the one of modern high-rise buildings.

Overlooking from the City Wall,  the city gate is bustling with visitors, and this is where you can find the leisure and comfort of this city, far away from the noise of overbearing modernity.

Standing on the City Wall, I can feel under my feet, while touching my  hands and looking in the eyes fo the XI’an people, the stories and feelings that run through history and into modern Xi’an.

Living in the modern society outside the City Wall, while cultivating the nostalgia for the ancient charm of the downtown alleys behind the wall is the unique charm of Xi’an.

The old wall tiles have witnessed the vicissitudes of history, as if telling the prosperity of the past; the sunset glow tints the sky red, reflecting the vicissitudes of time, as if inviting people back to the Han and Tang Dynasties to enjoy the flourishing scenery.

Standing on the Xi’an City Wall, it seems that I can see the majestic palaces of the Tang Dynasty. Looking back, it seems that I should have seen the bright lights of Chang’an city.

Standing on the Xi’an City Wall, I can connect the past with the present.

The pedestrians and the old street constitute a picture full of stories. Time seems to go faster in this  blend of ancient simplicity and modern.

Walking along the Xi’an City Wall, the wind brings history. Turning around the corner, I still remember my father telling the story of the City Wall:

“the imperial city was built during the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the City Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty, the east gate was Changle, the west gate was Anding, the south gate was Yongning, the north gate was Anyuan, every name is a good hope for life, Chang’an is the abbreviation of long-term stability…”

The story of Xi’an is not only in its past history.

Maybe most people think that Xi’an is an  ancient and silent and city, a simple testimony to its history.

But in my eyes, under the collision of historical precipitation and reality, it becomes a city full of magic and vitality that is just being born.

When the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkles on the ancient City Wall, touching the pieces of wall tiles that have accompanied its history. It has witnessed galloping horses, swaying flags, bloody weapons, and all the solemn scenes of war that changed and molded its past stories.

I suddenly understood that there is never a lack of great and brilliant eras in history, the strength of a nation does not depend on a strong wall, but on the strength of the soul of its citizens and government.

Xi’an is an important birthplace of our Chinese Nation, this makes it so that the people in Xi’an have a responsibility towards protecting the many roots of Chinese culture, coming from this city.

Chinese traditional culture can be extrapolated from any time period in such a long history. Therefore, for us, we have the duty and obligation to protect the essence of Chinese civilization and dig deep into the values, both moral and historical, and fill our souls and our city’s with this cultural baggage and history.

Standing on the Xi’an City Wall, I can not only look back on its history, but I also have the confidence to look forward to the future. Looking around, opposite me there’s a modern commercial center, and near that is the old and quiet city tower and gate.

The Xi’an City Wall is like a fine line between time and space, dividing the past and the present.

Standing on this high wall, I can see the future.