Ascoli Piceno. Ancient Roman Bridge

Ascoli Piceno. Ancient Roman Bridge

The great importance of Ascoli Piceno during the period of the Roman Empire is also evidenced by the imposing Solestà Bridge that crosses the Tronto river.

It was built by Emperor Augustus during the first century AD. its position corresponds to the Porta Solestà, the entrance to the city.

The bridge is an outstanding engineering work that has been in operation for over 2000 years and which had an interesting engineering restoration in the early twentieth century.

The bridge has a single arched span with a height of 25 meters above the river level. The arch of the bridge has a diameter of 22.20 meters and in total the bridge is 62 meters long.

These measurements make it one of the most important bridges in Roman history, only three other bridges were as large or larger. But the Ponte Solestà of Ascoli Piceno is definitely the one that is best preserved, and can still be walked on today.

In 1938, a reinforced concrete intervention was carried out to allow the passage of cars by reinforcing the bridge inside the ancient Roman structure.

The bridge can be visited by going inside of it through a corridor and by observing the structure you can recognize the engineering techniques of the Romans and the ancient layers of flooring.

An exceptional restoration and recovery work that has united past and future.

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