Pantelleria.Vip island and holidays

For its natural and historical peculiarities, and also for its cuisine and its famous wine, Pantelleria has been chosen by many VIPs who come here to spend their holidays from all over the world.

The best known and also the most passionate is certainly the designer Giorgio Armani who has had his own villa for over 25 years and spends his moments of relaxation in Gadir on the island. Giorgio Armani loves the island so much that he gave medical equipment to the local hospital.

But his fascination over the years has struck great writers such as Gabriel Garcìa Marquez and Truman Capote, actresses such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts, Isabella Rossellini, Monica Bellucci, Carole Bouquet and directors such as Giuseppe Bertolucci of ‘The Last Emperor.

Many musicians also appreciate its beauty and over the years Eric Clapton, Sting and Madonna have passed through Pantelleria.

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