Santa Marinella. Wine Route of the Etruscan Roman Lands

The wine route of the Etruscan Roman Lands promotes the territory where the vines of Cerveteri DOC and Tarquinia DOC and the IGT Costa Etrusco Romana are grown.

The Etruscan-Roman denomination refers to the importance that the cultivation of vines has had since the Etruscan period and frescoes of vine shoots are found in some Etruscan tombs. They are the ones who imported grape cultivation into Italy and started the support crops that still characterize our landscapes today.

Along the wine route is an archaeological and tasting route where you can stop in the numerous cellars that in addition to wine tasting offer tastings of typical local products.

In fact, the Strada del Vino and the products of the Etruscan Roman Lands also promotes traditional products of the area such as: the IGP artichoke from Ladispoli, carrots from Maccarese, broccoli from Anguillara and fennel from Tarquinia.

Among the products of excellence also note the meat from the farms of the Lazio Maremma. At one time these areas near the sea were the arrival point of the transhumance (seasonal stock migration) of the shepherds who came to spend the winter near the sea and who are now present all year round.

For this reason, among the typical products there are also excellent pecorino cheeses and the famous "Caciofiore" of Columella, a cheese produced according to the description of Columella from the first century AD.

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