Caves of Pastena
Caves of Pastena

Pastena. Caves of Pastena

The Pastena caves are a complex of caves discovered in 1926 by baron Carlo Franchetti.

Immediately they became a tourist destination and are known as the Consorzio Grotte Pastena e Collepardo.

In these caves there were found several archaeological finds relating to burials and ritual offerings of the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Among them, an axe and a bronze dagger dating from the fifteenth century BC about (found on the bottom of one of the internal lakes of an active branch of the caves).

The cave looks like a huge cavern into which enters a watercourse and the interior space is divided into two trunks.

The first trunk is about 900 meters long and has large cavities: the rooms of the weeping willow, of the tiled floor, the wonders, the columns and the ordeal.

The other branch is the one through which runs the Master Trench that comes out in the Valley of Sacco at Falvaterra, after a distance of over 2000 meters.

The caves were a movie set for several films.

To report: "I am a Paranormal Phenomenon" with Alberto Sordi, "Fantozzi Retires" with Paolo Villaggio and "One step from heaven" with Terence Hill.

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