Municipal Museum of Modern Art
Municipal Museum of Modern Art

Anticoli Corrado. Municipal Museum of Modern Art

The Municipal Museum of Modern Art is located in the baronial palace of Anticoli Corrado was built in the seventeenth century and now houses. The building was donated to the City by Prince Marcantonio Brancaccio, included in the area of the ancient castle that had been transformed into baronial building.

The museum was opened as Municipal Gallery of Modern Art in 1935 in two rooms in the village square. It was the brainchild of Richard Assanti and Pietro Gaudenzi artists who wanted to collect the numerous works of art carried out in this place by artists such as Kokoschka, Carena, Martini, Salvati, and De Carolis.

Around 74 works including drawings, paintings and sculptures were shown at the opening and this rose to about 200. Between 1963 and 1975 among the artists who stayed 1975 was the great Rafael Alberti.

Today there are 600 works and the museum had its first official catalog in 1995.



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