Gerano. The Infiorata Museum of Gerano

Gerano. The Infiorata Museum of Gerano

The Infiorata Museum of Gerano preserves the historical records of the Infiorata and all activities related to its realization.

Infiorata is a traditional Italian event occurring during the celebration of Corpus Domine. In many towns, people covered the roads with flowers' petals representing figures and pictures telling stories. During the the religious procession, the priest and the pilgrims pass over the petals. This way of celebrating the day started during the Baroque times and one of the first creator was the famous architect Bernini.

The museum exhibits from historical documents, tools and descriptions of old techniques used by Infioratori Masters up to the remarkable photographic material of today.

Photographs that testify to the importance of Gerano, which comprise the arrangements made on the occasion of 150th anniversary of the apparitions in Lourdes, Metropolis in Rome, the 50th Anniversary Ferrari, etc ..

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