Fara in Sabina. Museum of Silence

The Museum of Silence is located in a room that was part of the ancient church of Santa Maria in Castello in Fara in Sabina. The room is part of the building of the seventeenth-century Monastery of the Poor Clares Hermits and the museum tells the cloistered life in an original and emotionally touching way .

It is accessed from the outside of the monastery and the room is completely dark.

The display cases are illuminated in small groups in a defined pattern. Some significant topics have been identified in the daily life of the nuns: prayer, silence, the kitchen, the pharmacy, discipline, etc ...

These themes are accompanied by a series of projections on the vaults of the hall that emphasize the function of objects.

Written by
Benedicta Lee

Born in Rome from an Italian mother and American father, she works as a freelance communications manager and designer in the tourism sector, a career and interest which she is pursuing with a...