Vignanello. Fair of Cold or Sbattolò Fair or Fair of Madonna

On the 2nd of December Vignanello comes alive with one of the most original and ancient events in Italy: the Fair of Cold - Fiera del Freddo, also known as the Fair of Madonna or Sbattolò Fair.

This event was born in 1536 as it appears from a document by Pope Paul III, who was born in this part of Tuscia.

The pope was also the great-uncle of Beatrice Farnese, who was the feudal head of Vignanello.

Initially the fair was held in the spring, when nature begins to come back to life, and precisely for six days starting March 26.

In 1724, upon completion of the collegiate church, the feast was prolonged and the beginning was set for May 1 by Pope Benedict XIII.

Finally in 1733 the fair was moved again to the fall, three Sundays after November 21st which is the date of the Presentation of the Madonna to the Temple, to which the collegiate church is dedicated.

This is why the festival is also called the Fair of Madonna.

Today the festival is celebrated both in spring and autumn and involves a large craft market and goods related to agriculture and breeding.

The town is divided into thematic areas related to crafts, flowers and plants, local food, products from agriculture, animals, agricultural vehicles and hardware, as well as antiques.

Popular games for children are also provided.

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