Anagni. Palio of San Magno of Anagni

The Palio of San Magno of Anagni is a horse competition in the center of the city.

Knights in medieval costumes compete in a contest for a ring, they must impale rings of different sizes while they are riding their horses at full gallop. 

The event is held in the historic centre of Anagni, in Piazza Cavour and is part of two days of cultural events and historical re-enactments reminding all of the Anagni Slap.

The Slap of Anagni was that hit given by Sciarra Colonna to Bonifacio VIII in the context of strong tension regarding the management of power between the various Italian families as well as between the papacy and the French royals.

Boniface VIII was to die shortly after apparently of natural causes, according to historians of the time, and after a few months the papacy would be transferred to Avignon in France.

Anagni for many years however had been the centre of the political world and the Palio seeks to revive the spirit of the era.

Theatrical performances are held inside Palazzo Bonifacio and a series of visits take place to discover medieval Anagni and the cathedral.

It is an opportunity to taste the excellent products of a benevolent area and to sample a unique cuisine with the accompaniment of chefs, naturopaths and herbalists.

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