Rocca di Cave. Festival of the “Marrone” Chestnut

Rocca di Cave. Festival of the “Marrone” Chestnut

The Festival of the “Marrone” Chestnut is perhaps the biggest party in Rocca di Cave that celebrates its generous chestnut woods.

The village is perched on the Prenestini Mountains almost a thousand meters above sea level and from the fortress you can see all 5 provinces of Lazio and the mountains of Abruzzo.

The woods are a walkers paradise and in autumn they are a mushroom gatherer’s paradise.

The Rocca di Cave chestnuts are very popular and stand out from the normal chestnuts.

In fact, if the chestnuts are the fruit of the wild plant, the Marrone (brown) comes from grafts and prunings that have given rise to cultivars.

To establish the difference in 1939 a Royal Decree was issued that sanctioned their distinction.


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