Ascrea. Festival of the Red Cicolano Chestnut

Ascrea. Festival of the Red Cicolano Chestnut

The day of Ognissanti, Ascrea celebrates its most delicious fruit: the famous red chestnut from Cicolano, typical of the Valle del Salto and Cicolano area.

A beautiful territory characterized by chestnut woods like the suggestive Bosco dell’Obito.

Although traces of chestnuts have been found in graves of the Bronze Age, it is from the Middle Ages that this fruit becomes one of the major foods of the farmers’ diet in the winter.

In order to preserve the chestnuts they were soaked in water for a few days and then left to dry in the cellars.

The “Rossa del Cicolano” chestnut has a larger size than the chestnuts and owes its name to the slightly reddish color it takes after the treatment.
The party is an opportunity to taste products exclusively from Sabina.


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