Transhumance (Stock Migration)
Transhumance (Stock Migration)

Blera. Transhumance (Stock Migration)

In Blera in September you can see in the square the carts pulled by oxen and hundreds of horsemen wearing the classic costume of the butteri - Italian cowboys.

It is the beginning of the re-enactment of transhumance, that is the ancient tradition of sheep shepherds who moved the flocks twice a year to allow the animals to find fresh meadows.

The routes were called tratturi and connected the summer mountain pastures with those of the winter plains.

Throughout the year you can go horseback riding in the Tuscia countryside but in the third week of September all the butteri and equestrian associations join the ancient journey of transhumance.

The total itinerary lasts a week and starts from Vejano where, following the ancient Via Clodia, it arrives in Barbarano Romano and Blera.

It then continues to Civitella Cesi, Monteromano, Tolfa, Canale Monterano and Oriolo Romano.


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