Veroli. Prati di Campoli with its paths

Prati di Campoli, on the Ernici Mountains, is a naturalistic area equipped for refreshment on a plateau 1143 meters above sea level along the road that from Veroli leads to Collepardo.

An area that can also be reached by car and from which there are several nature trails that lead to the nearby mountains and surrounding valleys.

A first route crosses the Pozzi di Campoli, enters a beech forest, passes through Sella di Forca Palomba at 1,550 meters above sea level to end at the top of Monte Fragara at 2,005 meters. Continuing further you can get to the secondary peak of Monte del Passeggio at 2,023 meters above sea level which is the highest mountain of the Ernici Mountains at an altitude of 2,064 meters.

A second route crosses the beech wood of the Vallone dell'Acquaro, which then connects with the Valle dell'Amaseno, and reaches the top of Pizzo Deta, the second highest peak of the Monti Ernici on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo, to 2,041 meters.

And in fact here is an ancient boundary stone between the Papal State and the Bourbon Kingdom.

A third route passes through the beech wood of the Vallone dell'Acquaro and Vado della Rocca and reaches the top of Serra Comune (1870 m.) And then descends towards Prati di Campoli and is the longest traverse of a beech forest in the Apennines Lazio.

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