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Could we miss? But of course we do not miss a horse event, especially if it is near our home and especially if it is an opportunity to meet up with friends.

On Saturday, we went around excitedly at the stands where all the shows were sold out.

Young and less-young people strolled excitedly along the avenue that separates the various pavilions and stopped at the numerous stands that offered every variety of food. On all stood a large pink booth with the words ‘Pizza and Mortazza’, and how to blame him! It is the emblem of Rome along with Pizza, figs and ham.

An entire pavilion was dedicated to the well-being of the horse and to the relationship between man and horse. Very interesting and for next year we will propose a space for our Horse Museum Collection.

But perhaps the most exciting thing was the smell of the pits set up in Hall 1. A mixture of sweat, adrenaline of horses and riders and love of the groom and the riders. A smell that penetrates straight into the memories of all those who spent part of their time in the stable.

Then the laps of honor of the champions among the applause of the public. For the record, the “Grand Prix Cavalli in Rome Ad Maiora IR” of CSI ** show jumping was won by the knight Modenese Gianni Govoni with Lucaine.

The evening ended with our friends Maria Baleri from Fieracavalli and all the Knights of the Cottanello association, true artists of the Tolfetano horse.

But with the approaching spring we will have many opportunities to return to meet with the excuse of the horses.


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