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In the enchanting medieval setting of the Rocca Janula great jazz spreads its notes in the city of Cassino with the Festival of Jazz Music, a review of figurative art and jazz music inside the summer program of CassinoArte that takes place in early September .

Together with the nearby Abbey of Montecassino, Rocca Janula dominates the city of Cassino from above. In its thousand-year history it was for centuries the cornerstone of the Land of St. Benedict and suffered destruction and restoration until it reaches us today as a jewel.

The event is dedicated to music lovers and is an opportunity to listen to warm and vibrant sounds in a fabulous location. In those evenings, the city of Cassino wears its beauty in the evocative medieval setting where a contemporary art exhibition is set up with the exhibition of paintings inside the premises of the Rocca, which has strong appeal to the guests.

The festival offers quality evenings alternating on stage talented local jazz musicians as well as artists known throughout Italy. In the first years, the event was called Riparliamo di Jazz and hosted exceptional artists such as Azimut, Giovanni Aquino, Enrico Zanisi, Giovanni Amato and others.

The festival provides evenings of great music and with a refreshment point. The scenographic aspect is particularly taken care of thanks to I Corvi di Giano, an association that has as its theme to recall the life of the past. Performing in-depth studies on the period, they have created well-kept costumes to revive visitors to the life of Rocca Janula when it was built in the 10th century. The youths of the Corvi di Giano, dressed in medieval costume, give life to the evenings making the atmosphere of the Rocca Janula magical.

The Festival of Jazz Music provides the opportunity to listen to good music in a family environment and is a unique event to experience the heart of the city starting from the old alleys. It is an opportunity to listen to the unique rhythms of quality artists in partnership with an original medieval scenic background.