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Lovers and collectors of pipes were found in Cagli for the Festival of the Pipe. Among the participants we met Marco Bacigalupi, a craftsman of the pipe, and a passionate smoker of his pipes, and definitively among friends at the Festival of the Pipe.

Cagli is a fascinating county in the Italian region of Marche and is the annual meeting point for those who love the pipe and appreciate its artistic value and craftsmanship. Here is the Museum of modern pipe that each year increases its collection of pipes made by regional craftsmen: the theme this year was “a pipe and Bacchus.”

During the festival of the pipe there was also held an international competition of the “slow smoke”. These competitions are “technical” and consist of a battle to determine who can manage to keep his pipe alight longest. The ‘provisions’ are the same for everyone and the pipe must have specific approval. You have 3 grams of tobacco and 2 matches. This year’s winner held his lit pipe for more than 3 hours without allowing it to go out.

Lovers of the pipe congregate atthe festival of the pipe especially to find new specimens to add to the collection, see new pipes handmade with wisdom by the craftsmen from various parts of the world, each of which creates a pipe in a different way.

Marco Bacigalupi is an avid Italian pipemaker from Gavi.

Marco, how have you started to make pipes?

It happened after years of “smoking” when I could not be content with what was on the market and wanted to explore new approaches.

What is special about smoking a pipe?

There is a nice English expression ‘Pipe Dreams’ is used to indicate that the dreamers who dream with open eyes with a background of blue smoke, tasty and fragrant.

Smoking a pipe is a meditation and a state of mind. At a certain time of day you decide to perform a ritual of lighting a pipe and to ‘smoke’ your mantra, a ritual slow so that it allows the brain to slow down and thoughts get deeper.

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