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The Liri river has separated the peoples of the two regions and today marks their revival with an event that involves 15 municipalities and their entire populations. That event, ‘Scorrendoconilliri’ combines sport and culture in an embrace that makes the event one of the most exciting and engaging in which you can participate.

The sport is measured by three marathons of 10, 27 and 65 km that are run between spring and late summer. Culture is given by the beauty of the places and the events organized by each of the 15 municipalities involved.

The idea came from friends who traveled the Liri river to visit Vallepietra sanctuary, and who, every time were left speechless by the beauty of the landscape and the art of the towns they passed through. A few years ago they thought it would be nice to make the journey in the opposite direction, ‘by flowing with the Liri’ and organize a sporting event that would be recognized by the federation.

It all happened in a natural way, with the event growing rapidly, as if everyone were waiting for a catalyst that would satisfy their expectations.

The website and event,, involves two regions, Lazio and Abruzzo, 15 municipalities, is recognized by UNESCO, the Olympic Committee and the marathon federation. And from 2017 we at are working with them to promote the beauty of the territories and help make the towns and countryside known to Italian and international public.

The Liri river immediately evokes images and emotions: the waterfall at Isola del Liri, its birth in Cappadocia, flowing along the valleys of Abruzzo, the Samnites and the Romans, Fregellae, becoming the Garigliano, and the arrival in Minturno with the famous Ponte Real Ferdinando.

The Liri is one of the longest rivers of Italy and with its large flow of water has affected the lives of the ancient Italic peoples that they could not easily overcome. Then it was generous and when it was understood how to exploit the waterway for energy, it has created a major European industrial development in the eighteenth century.

Woollen mills and paper mills exported throughout Europe, to the extent that The Times newspaper was printed on paper made in Isola del Liri. Then this area was not yet known as Ciociaria but the territories were part of the Bourbon Kingdom and Charles III was so proud of the success that in 1744 he visited Arpino.

A story that will be told in a photographic exhibition is of the archeology of the industrial lands of the Liri by British photographer Steve Johns. The exhibition will be just one of the cultural events but it is significant to discover a past that for centuries has characterized the life of these territories. Discovering the past means also finding the living roots and bringing things back to life. Not the same factories, but something positive for the community.

We follow ‘Scorrendoconilliri’ and tell stories of art and culture of the common crossing and realize the guides to learn more about these beautiful grounds.

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