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The Fregellae Jazz Festival is a music festival that is staged in the splendid setting of the Archaeological Park of Fregellae in Arce.

In this context, the festival marries the richness of the emotions of Jazz to the scenic and artistic beauty, while sharing  the good wine and the exquisite culinary excellences of this corner of Ciociaria.

Fregellae is an ancient city on the banks of Liri originally founded by the Volsci and destroyed by the Samnites in 300 BC, then became a Roman colony and was destroyed by the Romans when it dared to rebel against central power.

The archaeological site of Fregellae is located near the Old City of Fregellae Nature Reserve, Fabrateria Nova and Lake San Giovanni Incarico. In the territory there are some agritourism facilities that allow the enjoyment of the natural beauty extending along the banks of the river Liri.

The festival evenings begin with a guided tour of the Archaeological Park of Fregellae, among the ruins of the important Roman colony. The Park has made part of what was excavated by the archaeologists, reviving an aristocratic residential neighbourhood that opens onto an ancient road axis. It is a walk through the “domus” and the ancient public baths, illustrated by an archaeologist, and gives a way to the visitor to relive the town’s organization of the past.

Even the food and wine section are very well taken care of and, during the evening, guests are offered pizza made using the special local flours, which are rare and ancient grains flours, to experience a real taste experience.

The dish is paired with the tasting of the Fregellae Frusinate IGP white wine, with a golden yellow colour, an intense and fruity flavour and a typical dry taste. These wines are obtained from 3 typical Arce vines through organic farming, respectful of the environment and consumer health.

In the evening, excellent Italian jazz artists perform or, as an alternative to the live concert, the screening of a film to watch under the stars. In the past years of the festival the audience was thrilled by the concerts of the famous trumpet player Aldo Bassi, the well-known double bass player Enzo Pietropaoli and trombonist Gianluca Petrella.

It is an explosive mixture of music, culinary art and cinema – a magical evening among the notes of important Italian jazz musicians, with good wine and tasty pizza.

The festival is organized by Dario Germani, leading Italian jazz bass player in the international scene, who managed to bring a Jazz Festival to Arce, his native town.

The artistic path of Dario Germani, after the publication of his album “To Sky”, today leads him to new paths to explore, but his mind is at the Fregellae Jazz Festival that will shine again every time he will have the opportunity to return to his land.