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The glass creations by Glass Made excite with colour, variations of transparency, and the skill with which they are made. ‘Glass Made’ was born from the meeting of Denis and Maya.

Denis, the Italian, came across glass by chance at twenty, and learnt to love the strict lines and the care of detail. The Brazilian Maya was haunted by glass from a very young age and in her creations bring the emotions, instinct and the colours of her native San Paolo.

Glass has marked their destinies. The desire to learn brought them together in the Bolzano school of glass where they studied the processing techniques, discovering their love of glass and each other. The next step was to base their laboratory ‘Glass Made’ at the foot of the Dolomites.

Denis and Maya, how do you feel when you work the glass?

A combination of passion and satisfaction: glass requires much effort, deep knowledge and years of experience. Together we face the joys and disappointments: it is the passion to push us to new experiences.

We live in a continuous creative ferment! Our creative achievements arise from the clash of our ideas. The creative sparks dwell within us and, together, we develop them.

What glass accomplishments have you created?

We touch the three worlds: Craft, Art and Design. With Craft we work with our brand ‘Made Glass’ creating functional pieces of craftsmanship for the house. As Artists we represent ourselves with our names and our individual works, bearers of precise messages, creating collectibles. For Designers, we assist them to design the pieces they request.

Through these partnerships the creations of ‘Glass Made’ embellish fine homes. The freshness of our ideas, the modernity of our creations and the choice of the combination of colour, transparency and opacity has its rewards! Glass is fed by light: the more light the more light shines, and we love the light for it.

Do you consider your accomplishments ‘unique’ and ‘elegant’?

For us, all our creations have their ‘charm’!
We see it in the wonder of the beholder: from simple clients to architects. What we do is unique: we work the glass to achieve a high level of craftsmanship. The uniqueness lies in our hands which create with talent! The elegance, however, dwells in the light in our works, in the ability to use colours well and marry them with transparency and opacity.

Your lines are unique and refined. How do you innovate?

Our innovation is the continuous search for modern lines and design. We are always discovering new forms, colours and ideas in a continuous experimentation! The search for modernity comes from the desire to be out of the ordinary, and to get in touch with more different people.

We are open to collaborations with artists skilled in working with other materials and we love to share our experiences. For two years Maya has taught in her laboratory in San Paolo to young people fascinated by glass. In Brazil, artistic glass is wanted, but it lacks the culture that is so rooted in Italy. Teaching how to work with glass becomes important for us: to transmit, share, educate.

We are two creators and in our works we shape the joy and positive energy of our hearts. We want those who buy the creations of ‘Glass Made’ to be happy: to buy a part of us. Our experience and capabilities shape each piece!


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