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D’Orica at OroArezzo is now famous for showing unique gold jewellery utilising diamond like facetted gold beads of multi-colours assembled in an outstanding array of designs to meet the dreams of every lady.

Each year D’Orica at OroArezzo, has presented its latest fashion and technological creations. D’Orica explains how the recent inventions in design, production and gold colours have enabled the creation of an exciting display of precious gold jewellery.

The ‘D’Orica Sparkle’, that multifacetted refraction and reflection of light, is the result of developing a proprietary ‘slash’ cut with the diamond wheel of the mini gold beads. The most exclusive models require high precision laser welding to create the flawless gold jewellery.

It is said that ‘in the play between form and material, the elements attract each other, the parts become intertwined in a short moment of the creative dance’.

The success of D’Orica at Orezzo in designing and producing wonderful gold jewellery is built on the company philosophy of respect, participation and development, where the key element is the value of the people who team to create the masterpieces. The new designs come from the hands of Daniela Racconella who has a magical touch with creating arrays based on the micro-gold spheroids developed 20 years ago. Every show,the clients seeking elegant designs find a new experience at the stand of D’Orica at OroArezzo.

D’Orica says that ‘the surprise of something sweet and precious, like unwrapping a favourite candy, slowly savoring the sound of the envelope that unfolds, and spying the sweet that lights the eye, leads to joy’. Each fair Giovanni and Cristina give away some secrets of their art to excite the visitor viewing the magnificent gold jewellery, and they even allow the buyer to steal one of their mouth-watering candies only at D’Orica at OroArezzo.

To know more visit:  and join the team at the stand.

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