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The culture of Lazio is found at the Castle of Ceccano on 1st July for the event ‘Museums at the Castle’, a meeting to exchange experiences and an exhibition of excellence of numerous local museums. A perfect opportunity to present the Ceccano Tourist Guide that the portal prepared by has prepared to enhance tourism potential for the town.

The guide arises from close collaboration with Cultores Artium, with which the presentation strategy and contents have been prepared. The collaboration between the portal and the association has begun a few months ago with seminars on creative promotion and marketing of the territory.

Ceccano is the twelfth guide and the ninth with regard to Ciociaria and to create this guide book it has meant entering the heart of a town through the hearts of special people who are working for its renaissance.

The portal specializes in telling the stories of the territories and culture in a fascinating and pleasing way. To date it has told the story of about 55 museums, 280 churches, 195 monuments, over 160 special experiences and more.

And it has been presented in two languages (English and Italian) ​​in order to let tourists know the fantastic places in Lazio, as well as to discover some of the marvelous residents themselves. People often get used to the beauty of their monuments and nature and forget that this is our ‘common good’.

Yet, from this common good, the future can be born and the role of is to tell and promote beauty everywhere and to all.


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