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According to a survey appearing in the DailyMail, an adult can spend, on average, six weeks without writing anything by hand. It seems impossible … Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Handwriting, especially ‘running writing’, is the first artistic expression of each of us and reveals traits of our being. It is no coincidence calligraphers and psychologists were also involved in the past in very important roles in police searches.

And today: a nostalgic art to be discovered?

Letters linked together reproduce the rhythm of thought and reveal the psychological state while the motor activity of the hand activates specific areas of the brain that help the visual recognition of written concepts. Writing by hand helps keep the brain active and encourages creativity.

One of the first to describe a modern role for calligraphy was Steve Jobs. In his biography he reports that his life had changed thanks to a calligraphy class where he came in contact with the different ways of graphic expression of words. There is a language of graphic signs, selected typographies and fonts underlining this message.

But handwriting is something more: it is a craft. And as you look at exclusivity in objects made by hand, so it gives pleasure from communicating something special in a unique and personalized way.

Now calligraphy is experiencing a new era of glory and with it the choice to select just the right paper, the right ink and the right pencil.

Going back to writing a letter by hand, or starting to write by hand, means in the first case to communicate something special. The first message is just the means of communication!

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Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine


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