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Business Networks can be a model for the recovery of towns after COVID 19.

The territorial network model of companies is now widespread in the towns and can be configured as the main way to restart small business activities. If well designed they can re-animate the life of the centres and, at the same time, the homogeneous territorial areas of reference. This leads to a reconstruction of the economic and social fabric.

The phenomenon of territorial business networks has developed so much in recent years, even if its diffusion in the towns is not homogeneous. There is a strong and generalized presence in the north, plus a good presence in Emilia Romagna, Puglia and Lazio.

The establishment of business networks has been encouraged by the Lazio Region, which has invested heavily in the creation of a branched system, aimed in particular at safeguarding and developing commercial and production systems with a homogeneous scope.

The key point of regional policy was the introduction of the position of the Network Manager, to be chosen from among professionals with recognized experience, for professional management.

With the regional contribution, in 2017, 161 business networks were born, spread over the entire territory, to which were added other partnerships born on the wave of those initiatives.

Among the most successful experiences, we highlight the networks established in and around Colleferro: Colleferro Commerciale, Paliano Opera Mista, Serrone in Excelso, Olevano Romano Business Network.

All of these, in addition to having given rise to coherent network programmes appropriate to the district, then joined together, forming Le Campagne Romane, a partnership on a larger scale.

This grouping is projected to broaden its interests throughout the area recognized as the Valley of the Latins that includes territories of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, of the Province of Frosinone and of the Province of Latina.

It was during the online organization that the Colleferro ‘900 project was born, which allowed Colleferro and its area to win the title of City of Culture of the Lazio Region 2018.

In that case, the territorial enhancement and the recovery of values ​​such as the identity and the connoting features of the cities and communities involved were achieved by activating the territorial networks connected together. The method worked and the activity of business networks was not limited to managing individual projects, but went further, generating new development processes.

This has led to the effect of improving the brand reputation of an entire territory.

Following the Colleferro approach, other territorial areas are planning their future. Among these, the Sea of ​​Circe, with San Felice Circeo, the Island of Ponza and the Island of Ventotene , and Arpino, the City of Cicero, candidate for the Italian Capital of Culture 2021.

This is the work we do with the Ri-Gymnasium group.

Therefore, on the networks of enterprises, both territorial and supply chain, one can imagine the activation of development processes, for the post-COVID 19 period, capable of satisfying the needs of individual enterprises, within a broad degree of satisfaction.

However, two conditions are necessary for this to happen: the propensity to work on the net and the willingness to invest in professionalism and on projects that have a short, medium and long-term vision.