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You do not know what to write for your letter for Valentine’s Day? Let us help you. Here are some simple tips to make your love letter unique.

We know that you are a digital native, and that Valentine could be solved by sending an email to your loved one, but take note that love still travels by old media, or pen and paper.
Around the world there are too many flighty and ephemeral love affairs that last only the time of sending of an email, so my dear love if you want to reaffirm your love the first thing to do is buy a nice fine sheet of paper and a fountain pen.

All these precautions will give more weight and more value to your words. Love wants concrete. Maybe you can write a first draft on your computer and then copy the final version in beautiful calligraphy.

Let’s start from the beginning. We also know that you will not know how to write of your love as Pablo Neruda or Emily Dickinson, but no matter. Love is this and that’s what counts. But how to make all this riot of emotions and feelings into something nice to read and something that leaves a groove in the heart of one’s beloved? Let me give you some advice on how to write a love letter. For simplicity, all the advice is given as for a man were to be described, but obviously it apply to both of the two sexes.

Opening gambit
Where did you meet? What did you do on that first date? And the first kiss?
Start your letter talking about just how did you fall in love. Too often my loves have short memories and tend to forget what had made my heart beat. The raw emotions, the butterflies in the stomach, the fear of rejection. All these memories fade with time and often are replaced by serenity, safety and routine of a consolidated report. But a relationship without emotions and without the memory of the past is a soup without salt.

Maybe you could start:
Maria, my darling,
Do you remember the first time we met? You were in the library where you read the history book. I saw you, and with the excuse that I did not ha ve a pencil sharpener I got close to you …

Things you like about her
After describing the first moments and the first palpitations, you may remember what you like about her, you love her. Tell her if you like her smiles, her long blond hair. Tell her that you love when she prepares your favorite dish, etc. Love does not live by telepathy, it needs words of appreciation and care which keep it vigorous and strong.

You could continue writing:
I love the care with which you prepare the coffee every morning. I love it when you try a new dress and you look in the mirror, so proud and sensual. I love your lips, and the words that come from them, caring for my thoughts.

The Future
“Lovers are the only ones who know how to conjugate verbs in the future” – so says Massimo Gramellini writer, expert in hearts and tormented love affairs.
Love cannot stay in the present, love needs to be forever, but between now and forever, there are many things to be programmed, many projects to do together. Travel, buy a house at the sea, decide to have a child, are all choices which cement love.
You could surprise her by adding:
Do you remember that trip to Mexico we wanted so much to do, I got the tickets. I know I splurged, but you’re worth all the madness of this world.

Love is a narcissistic sensation, it must acquire a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. Of all the women who are in the world you chose her. And she feels beautiful only through your eyes. She loves herself through you.

And for this you might conclude by writing:
Love is a miracle, but sometimes miracles happen, and you are mine. You’re the best wife I could wish for.
With love always,
your husband Marco

Writing is first and foremost a journey of personal discovery. Before communicating to your beloved communicate to yourself. Writing gives you the opportunity to understand your feelings, desires and what you want, especially in love. A love letter is like an account where you write the more and the less of a relationship. It is an opportunity to grow and strengthen love. Write love letters throughout the year and, in the meantime for starters take advantage of this Valentine’s Day.


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