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During these days of crisis and sadness, I suffer from hearing phrases such as: “I don’t send my son to school, because there is a Chinese kid in the classroom”, “I don’t go on a trip because, with all these Chinese people who travel around! You never know, better be careful!”,” You work with Chinese people, what do they say about this virus? “.

That’s right, I work with Chinese kids and I have Chinese friends, here’s what the Chinese think of this situation (for privacy reasons I won’t mention their names):

  • He is 33 years old and lives in Foshan

To my question, “what are you feeling right now?” here’s his answer:

“Since January 23, the government has told us not to leave the house, to not visit our family and friends. I live alone, and these days I have never been able to see my parents. They told us to wash our hands often and wear masks. On January the 26th our splendid tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve is shared among our people like a breath of air.
These days, we only go out to go to the market to buy some food. I have been locked in the house for three weeks now. Each community is closed, some citizens who have been to places in Hubei have isolated themselves at home.
As the virus was spread from person to person even before we got sick, we realized that governmental measures were needed. When our country encounters difficulties like this, we are immediately ready to take necessary measures and what ordinary people in the country can do is not add chaos and strictly follow the rules, but our compatriots abroad are unfortunately labeled as VIRUS. . I wonder, who are these people in western countries, with higher education levels, who are able to identify viruses by color, by country and call them Chinese Virus and Wuhan Virus?
In the history pages, we read “the white plague”, “Ebola virus”, not African virus or European virus, I don’t understand why we have to say “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus”.

When a country is in trouble, these evil labels increase, sometimes I think that many people were just waiting for this “right opportunity”.
At this time, if no solution can be provided, please do not oppress the Chinese. To people who believe that this virus is directly related to the race, I want to say that it is not only the Chinese people who eat strange animals, the world is large and with it also the various customs.
Don’t point it out just because something goes wrong!

In the process of managing this epidemic, our citizens are studying the virus and protective measures very thoroughly. Doctors treat patients selflessly to find ways to treat them, we too in our own small way, do our best and stick to what they tell us to do.

True, we have not been perfect and internal problems have been encountered.
The government is rapidly correcting. This year will be a difficult year for our country, we should face this epidemic and its impact on the economy. So I ask you not to add, to our difficulty, your sentences and bullying attitudes!

Finally, I would also like to thank my nice Italian friends who even from afar help us to reject these discriminatory sentences. I want to say thank you for asking “How are you?”, “What are you feeling?”
Thank you for your support!

(a short part of the text written in Chinese by C.) 

  • 33 years from Chengdu

Everyone thinks that all of this is due to the fact that some people ate a damn wild animal, which has nothing to do with most Chinese people, so I believe that this discrimination towards us Chinese is not fair. We are all victims!

  • 22 years from Suzhou

I believe that the many headlines of “CHINESE VIRUS” newspapers, do nothing but increase the panic.
I live in Rome because I study Italian, but these days I avoid going out because I see people around me being afraid of me, so I prefer to stay at home. China is not as the media describe it now, it is not Virus or Hell under the politics of socialism. My China is a country full of history and culture like Rome is.

  • 19 years old, from Deyang (handwritten text in English)

You asked me about the virus that is spreading widely in China, well. Everyone in China is doing their best to stop him and take control of it. I, like everyone else, have to stay indoors all day. Doctors are fighting the virus every day and betting their lives against it.

Abroad the Chinese are treated differently, people avoid meeting them. I do not know! If there is no virus in our bodies, WE ARE THE SAME, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. I hope that when I go to study in Italy I won’t be treated differently, just because I’m Chinese and I went through the “disaster”.

The virus will obviously affect our economy, as far as I’m concerned it’s only a matter of time. Our China is large and strong and will come out of this problem. I believe in the many doctors and nurses who sacrifice their lives for us every day!

  • Margherita 19 years old (A comment published on a social network)

To tell you the truth, when I learned that there was discrimination against the Chinese who have lived in Italy for months or years, just because the virus is NOW in China, I felt sad, cold, disappointed and even a little angry .

I did not expect the Chinese to be treated unfairly when they are already facing a difficult time.

Yes, it is true that the virus appeared in China, the number of victims is frightening and it is necessary and indispensable that other countries take the right measures to protect themselves. But protecting yourself is not the same as irrational discrimination.

Fortunately, the Italians I know are nice and kind, I believe that the friendship between China and Italy is invulnerable. My Italian teachers sent us letters and messages to make us feel their warmth.

However, what we need to isolate is the virus and certainly not solidarity and the Chinese.
I’m sure everything will be better. Come on China!

These, although few rumors, manage to make us understand that we are all exactly the same, the virus was born in China and is spreading and as my Chinese friend says: WE ARE ALL VICTIMS OF THE VIRUS, but one thing is certain the virus is not the Chinese person.

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