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To be in a position with an incredible strategic advantage, having a panorama that spans across different provinces, has its advantages but also some disadvantages.

Before battles commence, it is a great place to prepare the defence and watch the arrival of the enemies, then during war it becomes one of the last places to defend and is subject to massive immediate attack.

Bellegra countryside dominates the Valle del Sacco and Valle d’Aniene, from its top you can see 49 towns and the importance of the landscape has been known over the centuries.

This importance was repeated from the Roman period until the Second World War when Bellegra was the headquarters of the German command of Kesserling and was therefore heavily bombarded by allied aviation.

The German Army command had its headquarters in the highest part of the town, where the castle stood once, and built several lookout posts, firing spots and bunkers dug into the rock, some still visible.

With the landing of Anglo-Americans on the coasts of Anzio and Nettuno in Lazio, Bellegra was a checkpoint and was along the Cesar line of the German army. This defensive line crossed all over Italy and joined the Gothic line.

During the days of the landing, the Allied Fortresses operated numerous bombings to disturb the German retreat and assist landing.

On the morning of May 24, 1944, an allied plane bombed the current Via Tre Morette area, which took its name from this event, to make a hit at Macerone, and the result was the destruction of the area around the Via Tre Morette with some innocent victims.

The rest of the old town was destroyed by the German troops that mined some homes to slow down allied progress in the path to San Vito Romano. General Kesselring, who had fled to a bombed and destroyed rural house, escaped and managed to reach Rome.

The old town was partially rebuilt but not the castle. However, there are still some towers, identified from the shapes of the dwellings, and the main body from whose terrace you can enjoy one of the greatest views.

For those suffering from dizziness or not used to 360 degree panoramas, it is relevant that you are getting the same feeling of infinity that mountaineers experience when they arrive at a summit.