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Which is beautiful, it is beautiful, this city-non-city is beautiful.

Eh … but you have to describe its beauty my dear,” he said!

And how?

Ah with the use of words. Ah yes, the words, right!

And then you have to tell about the history, the places and explain why it is beautiful“.

Yes yes, just why.

But how can you say how much you experienced and how much beauty she has in her if it makes you excited just to see her hill flowing down to the marina.

That’s when you think: it is a sin, I will have to die and never see this slope that overhangs you at the sea.

Curva do Vagnu that makes you dizzy, because from the edge of the sea you are already in the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

And then you emerge, take a breath and find yourself looking at the sun, which enjoys diving and disappearing like a goddess in the waves.

But it leaves you all its colours … and with those colours you play, you get lost, you travel and you find yourself in Africa.

Oh how sorry I will be to die and not be able to enjoy all this anymore. But at least I experienced it, loved it, was intoxicated by it.

And this is what I would like you to experience if you want to visit me.

Because she is beautiful, she is really beautiful.

Sciacca, Sicily.