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Alatri is one of the most amazing towns to visit due to its incredible acropolis with Cyclopean walls. And it is even more so in August, when the summer evenings come alive with AlatriJazz.

The Alatri International Festival and Jazz Masterclass, better known as AlatriJazz, is a music festival dedicated to the various expressions of Jazz music and has been staged since 2003 in various locations in the historic centre of Alatri.

The event includes performances, culture happenings, concerts, classes and traveling shows.

In the evening concerts the jazz groups chosen for the occasion play sweeping music that conquers the happy audience, who have come to the square to listen to new interesting and original compositions. When you participate you have the perception that today AlatriJazz has become a movement, a community, a family.

Within the festival programme, in the afternoon the lucky visitor musician has the opportunity to experiment and play with the teachers and receive suggestions on the way of playing.

The Masterclasses of AlatriJazz are advanced seminars that put students in close contact with the teachers. The students are musicians and enthusiasts, who want to perfect their style, not just conservatory students.

The team of teachers of the Masterclass is composed of top names with great careers behind them, names that are chosen from year to year by the artistic direction.

Rosario Giuliani, Steve Grossman, Maurizio Giammarco, Emanuele Cisi, Andrea Pace, Gerardo Iacoucci, Paolo Tombolesi, Danilo Rea, Antonino Zappulla, Marco Massimi and Cristiano Coraggio are just some of the names of the teachers who have been part of the Jazz seminars in Alatri. The Masterclasses are held inside the rooms of Palazzo Conti Gentili.

Some of the musicians who take part in the Masterclasses come from outside the region to study jazz and modern music. The festival and the Masterclass are directed and curated by the ‘soulmate’ of AlatriJazz who is Mauro Bottini, saxophonist, clarinetist, teacher and director of the Academy of Music Charlie Parker, the organization that promotes the festival.

Mauro Bottini

Over the years, the festival has hosted great Italian and foreign artists such as Antonio Giordano and Sara Mazzaccaro, Ada Montellanico Quartet, Marta Capponi Quartet, Jerry Popolo, the Italian swing band of the Carosoni, the Italians Lola Swing, Buscaja, Saxophobia, Simona De Rosa and the Inside Quartet, Nu Indaco with Rodolfo Maltese (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Janisisalive, Lino Patruno, Michael Supnick, Emanuele Urso, Gege Telesforo, Max Ionata, Roberto Gatto, Enrico Pieranunzi and many others.

Whether for the walls, the acropolis, the music, or one of the best extra virgin olive oils in Italy, every reason is good to attend the jazz music nights in Alatri.