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In Frosinone at the headquarters of the Fb group “Gruppo La Ciociaria e la Provincia di Frosinone in Foto” and with the Franco Olivetti Organization to deliver the Town Ambassador Award in the hands of the president Emilia Trovini.

For years the group has been dedicated to promoting the beauty of Ciociaria with photographs of rare beauty that have pushed more and more people to visit these beautiful areas.

But their ‘seed of development’ is above all the photography course open to anyone who wants to approach this art. And we know that the problem of many small local operators is precisely the lack of professionalism in telling their businesses, their territory and their work with stories and images.

While in our social, Instagram and Facebook world, photography is the essential element to strike and excite people.

Congratulations to the Group, to the Association and especially to their members who daily animate their community.

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