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In view of the broadcast on Radio Radio next Thursday we waited for a day with the right light and we went to Cervara di Roma to take some photos. Mayor Adriano Alivernini and Councilor Claudio Nocente welcomed us.

After a tour of the town we had a couple of hours to learn about the specialities of Cervara di Roma.

Out came the traditional dishes with improbable names such as “Cif-Ciaf”, a sheep stew of the tradition of mountain shepherds, “Pappaciucco” with black cabbage and potatoes and “Recalicu”, a polenta cooked with beans.

But for the first time I heard about the Via Nicolaiana, the street inspired by San Nicola di Bari that connects East and West, the Orthodox church and the Catholic church.

The road passes through Cervara di Roma and in the month of December they did a test drive to check its conditions.

We will now update the Cervara di Roma Guide on our website and on Thursday you can follow us on the ‘Amico Comune’ radio radio program sponsored by Anci Lazio.

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