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Do you remember when was the last time you wrote a Christmas letter ? Were you maybe nine or ten years? and then? and then you stopped believing, wanting and dreaming.
When as a child you wrote your letter to Father Christmas it gave you time to sit and think about what you really wanted at that time. Then you knew that by just writing what you wanted, your desire would be realized.
In that simple act two creative functions of the world, your world, are involved: “Want” and “Writing”.

Want (Desire)

De-si(de)re is a term that comes from astrology. Sidera are the stars. In astrology, the stars would tell me to do something, and instead I will “De-sidero”, i.e. not follow but do something else. It is the opposite of “Con-sider” where the stars show me what to do, and I obey.
When you were a child and you desired, you had huge energy, so much that you could desire things despite the universe gave you against. The letter to Father Christmas gave you the opportunity to meditate on what you really wanted, what should be your gifts. Did you know that everything you wanted, for the simple reason of wanting it, it would be realized. After a year of denials and “No” by parents, a letter turned into a magic wand. The will is a magic wand.


But do not stop thinking at one thing, lest this will be realized? the more lazy may object. No, for these simple reasons. First, because as the ancients said “Verba volant scripta manent” (spoken words fly away, written words remain).
When you write, your writing becomes your notary, your sworn witness. “Look at this date I had written and promised that …”. Without writing, thoughts and good intentions become confetti that you throw on people, and by tomorrow you will already slip up. Desires need sentries made of paper and pen to keep things straight. Your Christmas letter became a contract and signed with an unknown but trusted entity.

A lesson in “Will”

As a child, you had the audacity and the courage just to want, without limits and without guilt. And now, as an adult? Today, we want to just, we just ask. Because we think we deserve little. Maybe we should start writing our Christmas letters anew. There is a beautiful revised version of Christmas letters for adults. It is called “The technique of the 101 desires” of Igor Sibaldi.
I do not recommend you venture further unless you want to find out how much would be able to have by will and desire.

Now I take this opportunity to write, my Christmas letter

Dear Santa, how are you? Family are all well? (A few pleasantries always help the negotiations). Say hello to the eternal baby Jesus and that nice ugly old lady (Befana) (when a woman is not beautiful, we solve it by saying she is nice).
I ask you for a couple of simple things. Everyone speaks well of you (a bit of flattery does not hurt) and then I am a bit unbalanced, and then you know, I am not so picky.
This year I would like:
• That home of a couple of my friends where the stork passes.
• A functioning brain to make my friend blind with love.
• Get rid of all the ‘sh..ty’ guys. I know that this is difficult, but you’re powerful.
• A couple of boxes of Risiko, for those who really like to play wargames.
• A pair of UGG Boots heel height 12.
• A set of golf clubs, but strong ones. No, I haven’t start to play golf.
• The new breast I asked you for last year, but as I understand it your wife may not allow you to deal with these kinds of gifts.
• A teleportation pocket, so I do not have to give all my pennies to Ryanair. Or else I would happy to receive two of your reindeer.
• Finally, if you think of something else. Please add it, I trust you.

Your fondest and most loyal friend
Nicoletta (remember from Syracuse)

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