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Today we begin an original collaboration with Zetema, the cultural organisation of the city of Rome.

On one hand our Travellers’ Guides to Italy will be sold in the bookshop of the Museum of Palazzo Braschi and on the other we have organized an exhibition dedicated to horses, Horses a Family Passion, on the occasion of the largest annual equestrian event in the capital.

From May 24th to May 27th in Piazza di Siena (inside Villa Borghese) the 86th International Horse Show in Piazza di Siena, one of the most exciting horse events in the world, will take place. Sport and history come together for this event that this year is enriched with art thanks to our collection.

On the inauguration day, May 19, the book “Stories of Women, Men, Horses and Art” by Claudia Bettiol and Maria Vittori will be presented, in which the two lovers of horses tell the story of the collection that has previously been exhibited at the Toy Museum of the Zagarolo.

The actor Maurizio Mosetti will interpret the story of Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus.

Furthermore, refreshments will include a slice of the unique horse-shaped cake by the chef and cake-designer Lucia Tiziana De Luca for everyone.


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