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Back in miniature Alatri, now a permanent exhibition thanks to the Musicapolis Cultural Association. The delightful initiative attracts children and adults from all over the province and the surrounding area, one of our dear collaborators had the pleasure of visiting it, he writes:

As soon as I entered, I breathed in a welcoming air as if I was back home, every monument seemed to belong to me, each detail of the exhibition was carefully treated, and all the miniature monuments perfectly resembled the corresponding bigger version to the T.

Two monuments impressed me more than the others: the first is the Conti Gentili building with an adjacent square where I was struck by the sundial which was portrayed identical to the original; the second is the old station of Alatri where even the old trains that were used are depicted.

The station struck me so much because I could never see the old station in its glory days. This exhibition will be permanent, it conveys to the visitor a unique set of emotions and I invite everyone and anyone to go and visit it.

Matteo Odargi

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