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My little village? A precious jewel nestled between rocks and green hills that look like vigilant eyes, a protection for the town.

Cattolica Eraclea, once known as Minoa Eraclea.

Our rocky hills have a scent and tell of other cultures, of ancient peoples. Many archaeological finds kept as jewels in the Antiquarium, and a semicircular Greek amphitheatre that still reminds us of other peoples who arrived in the past.

The two squares of the historic centre are embellished with baroque buildings and the majestic clock that marks the hours, but time seems never to pass for it.

The squares… emblem of the Italian lifestyle. Adorned by the many bars where we always eat after an evening stroll enjoying a delicious granita or a brioche filled with ice cream. The good one done properly!

My people are genuine, good and kind. Hospitality is sacred.

I have beautiful memories that I will keep forever in my heart, and I hope one day to be able to reciprocate as a sign of thanks to relatives and friends.

In my childhood memories there is the elementary school, behind the Madonna della Mercede church, and the middle school in the Bonanno palace in Piazza Umberto.

The classmates, who after many years I had the opportunity to meet again and embrace in summer 2019. A great emotion!

Pure emotion takes me to tears every time I return to my town, which I left for Canada in 1967 at the age of twelve.

I never fail to stop in front of the house where I lived the first years of my life.

For a moment I see myself as a child singing on summer evenings, on the steps where the green door was the stage curtain behind me. The neighbours, my spectators, to delight or torture themselves …

The mother church, another rare and precious jewel of the time, for the art it put on display. Another nice memory.

Every Sunday morning I went to the mass of the children (as it was called) and then, at the end of the mass, received the figurine from Monsignor Cuffaro. It was our pass to watch a movie in the afternoon.

Cattolica Eraclea is rich in history, art, culture, and traditions that are still respected.

One of the many traditions is that of Holy Week which ends on Easter Sunday with the meeting of Jesus and his mother, very moving. An event that attracts many people.

Impressive faith of my people.

The cuisine is of absolute goodness with traditional dishes to lick your fingers, offered by the many restaurants managed mostly by the owners themselves. Here the tourist feels at home.

Not to mention Sicilian pastry, a real treat!

Finally, I must speak of the wonderful beach of Minoa Eraclea.

Attractive sea and crystal clear water, I would also say beneficial. Fine sand for a long stretch where you have the opportunity to walk along in the sea or on the shore.

The promenade is surrounded by a dense pine forest where the strong smell of the pines mixes with the acrid one of the salt, creating a very pleasant scent that you will not forget and that remains in the nostrils even after some time.

Minoa Eraclea: Unforgettable!

Minoa Eraclea, a pearl in the Mediterranean that makes us envied by everyone.

Lilla Omobono

ITA Lilla nasce in Belgio da genitori siciliani ed emigrata in Canada a 12 anni. Studia inglese e francese, scrive poesie sin da quando era giovanissima. Partecipa e vince concorsi e le sue poesie vanno in onda alla radio CFMB di Montreal e in una radio in Lussemburgo. I suoi scritti sono inseriti in diverse antologie poetiche. La sua ispirazione viene dall’amore per l’Italia tutta. Ama in particolare la Calabria, terra di suo marito, e la sua splendida isola: la Sicilia. È sposata, mamma di tre figli e nonna di sei splendidi nipotini. ENG Lilla was born in Belgium to Sicilian parents and emigrated to Canada at the age of 12. She studies English and French and has been writing poetry since she was very young. She participates and wins contests and his poems are aired on CFMB radio in Montreal and on a radio in Luxembourg. Her writings have been featured in various poetic anthologies. Her inspiration comes from her love for all of Italy. She particularly loves Calabria, the land of her husband, and her splendid island: Sicily. She is married, and a mother of three children and a grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren.