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Music, Nature, Tradition, Faith and Folklore come together in an event to discover our deepest roots.

These aspects of our life, together make up the history of our territory, have always been the focus of scholars, artists and onlookers.


Of the aspects that characterize so much the Italian lifestyle and history, not only!

This is also the story of many small villages, where there is no country that has a common vision, all are characterized by their particular traditions and emotions.

The Living Museum of Memory of Colle San Magno is a testimony to these aspects.

The museum thematically traces the Second World War, through the memory, the testimonies of the people who lived it. A story that goes beyond the war, however, travels throughout the history and spirit of the inhabitants of this small village in the province of Frosinone.

Each room of this museum tells the hopes of those who have passed through one of the most critical periods of our history, and of those who, after the war, brought the tradition, faith and folklore of their land to the new world, in search of a life best.

Who knows how many communities abroad still carry the memories of Colle San Magno?

Now with the pandemic we are increasingly looking for a new contact with ourselves, our soul, our origins. And where to start if not from nature?

Among the many beautiful initiatives of the Museum, we want to promote the Walk in Music on Mount Asprano, a day outdoors and in complete safety, to discover the ancient musical and religious traditions of Colle San Magno. A tribute to the Assumption, and to the ancient folk songs that combine tradition, faith and folklore.

A trip not to be missed, appointment for Wednesday 2 June

To book: tel 06/5035458 cell. 3355654853

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