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I am an artist, a sculptor.

I express my art through a particular material “wood”: a living material that requires respect and listening.

During my journey I have also related to other materials: earth, bronze, marble, but in the end I returned to wood because I feel deeply linked to it and through it to my homeland.

I live in Pove del Grappa, under the great Monte Grappa and in front of me flows the Brenta which for centuries has transported wood from the mountains to the Venetian Arsenal.

Here we grow up loving trees and nature. I like to define myself as a ‘tree sculptor’.

The tree is something intimate and magical.

Quelle stesse linee che ora danno il ritmo al mio gesto creativo segnando forme, chiamando vuoti o pieni: io li ascolto e mi lascio guidare.

For many people it takes on an existential meaning, it expresses what we are, it shows us the way to recover a bond with ourselves.

It has its roots in the earth and looks upwards nourished by the energy of the sun, the sap that nourishes it flows inside and creates a perfect architecture of fibres and lines.

When I carve wood I have to take everything into account and find compromises with it, with its fibres and with the lines that have shaped it. Those same lines that now give the rhythm to my creative efforts by highlighting shapes, calling them empty or full: I listen to them and let myself be guided.

I feel accompanied in creative action and always pushed in search of new forms that are the vehicle of new messages.

I live in a valley, surrounded by woods and crossed by the river and, through the wood of the trees, the water of the river returns unceasingly in my creations.

The wood takes on forms that come out as fluid and dynamic and bring the flowing water in a path of liberation to the sea.

The flow of the current has always fascinated me: it is an experience that involves all our senses and that urges the mind to let go, to free the flow of thoughts and energies.

The sound of water, its shapes and colours are constantly changing, accompanying the gaze, are a powerful metaphor for human existence that is a continuous evolution. A continuous need to adapt to the shape of things and the facts of life.

My works take shape from this feeling and the river is a travel companion for me.

Sometimes I hear his call and so I stop to listen to feel the emotions that live in me when I am there.

This is how my art takes shape in a process that starts inside me while I observe the flow of water and dialogue with the fibres of the tree.