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How does one begin to fully describe the most magical, romantic, and beautiful place in the world?

From the very first moment I laid eyes on Naples, my heart started to pound.

We had travelled long and far, we had waited and dreamed, and here we finally were. In one moment, the beautiful chaos of this city had captured my entire being, and I was instantly in love.

In the distance Mount Vesuvius, with all its power, took me hostage as we traveled south toward our first destination.

As our driver ventured up the side of a mountain, covered in olive trees, the fragrance of rosemary and lavender awoke my senses with the comfort and peace that made me feel as if I had returned home.

I turned to look back as we rounded the top, and there it was, the most amazing landscape I had ever seen in my entire life.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, in all it’s magic, and the sun, slowly starting to set. In the distance, the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri, fading into the misty sky.

The sound of waves echoing in the background paired with the moon light hitting the big open water, purely exquisite.

When we finally arrived at the coast of Cilento, a sense of pride ran through my veins as I remembered my ancestors.

This new but familiar place, a place I am proud to identify my heritage and family’s roots to.  A small corner of Italy that took us in and welcomed us like family.

A place that will forever have my heart.

I have adopted a deep love for this country, one that will never fade.

Italy is truly something spectacular! I can’t wait to reunite with the most beautiful country in the world!