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When sport is your life with the true spirit of the game, then you can experience moments of collective joy like those of the local community during the construction of the new stadium in Frosinone.

In 2015, Frosinone made it into the soccer Premier League and suddenly people discovered a part of Italy that before then was just a “hick town” on the periphery of Rome. They discovered not only a motivated and well-organized team, but also a model fan base and a way of living the sport throughout the province.

Frosinone players are admired for their courage and the fans for their sporting spirit. Yet, the city lacked a stadium that could contain all the fans and give a modern image to the city.

And the Benito Stirpe stadium, named after the father of the president of Frosinone, who was the first visionary, comes in the same style as Frosinone, making known its value as well as that of its splendid province. A stadium with a plain but bold architecture that contains 16,000 covered seats.

The design and execution was entrusted to local professionals and businesses so they can demonstrate their value – social sustainability and a love for the area that goes beyond the short-term economic convenience.

And this choice has led to unexpected consequences. The construction of the stadium, or rather its completion because the stadium had already been started by the city of Frosinone, became part of the daily life of the population.

Every day, between 200 and 250 people went to the yard to check on the progress of the work and ask questions of the design team, the engineer and the workers. Enrico Renzi, an architect of Ceprano who is part of the group of 9 professionals in charge tells us:

“These people have been waiting for the stadium for 40 years and they were so happy and proud of the team’s successes that they came to share their joy. Their contribution was not criticism, but a manifestation of love. ”

The Frosinone stadium was perhaps one of the most ‘social’ yards of the world with continuous live updates on the progress of the works!

At the point when the builders began to raise the side walls and much of the yard was covered from view by the outside, the management thought of organizing small visits to keep up the die-hards who kept coming into the area of the construction yard.

“The funniest thing,” continues Enrico Renzi, “was when the two very big mobile cranes came, which were to lift the two large iron beams, each 90 meters long and 8 meters high, that cover the central grandstand. The cranes came from Fincantieri of Genoa, but they did not have any signs to prove their origin. Folk legends sprang up about their history and we decided to organize a small conference on the site to tell the true story to all our die-hard observers. ”

The stadium represents a moment of ‘bringing together’ and it is a stadium built by local businesses at a time of general economic crisis and is a moment of pride and love that the Frosinone leadership has rightly decided to share with its supporters.

There is still one request from the fans concerning their historic mascot, the dog Chicco that is buried in the area of ​​the old Matusa stadium that is being converted into an urban art park and nature reserve. The dog had been found in San Donato of Val Comino by some Frosinone players and since then lived all his life in the stadium participating with unusual dedication to all the ups and downs of Frosinone. He was cared for and loved by the fans who now want to share with him the pride and joy of the new stadium!

Claudia Bettiol

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