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Staying locked in at home has made us become more lovers of good food and eager to experiment with new flavours. We want to excite our increasingly refined palate and tease our minds being eager to discover Italian traditions.
But not all of us are experts like Francesca D’Orazio (, a cooking teacher and expert in the art of welcoming.
Always smiling in her coloured blouses and among the flowers on the laid tables, you can’t help but recognize her!

She is of Abruzzese origin, yet she has lived for many years in Milan after experiences in Singapore and New York that have made her become an ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world. We can say to her ‘you are a bridge between East and West and wherever you have gone you have taught the art and style of Italian cuisine’.
However, she has absorbed the tastes of the places where she lived and we have published some of her Chinese recipes, real cooks are curious people!
But from her wanderings around the world, the need arose to keep in touch with her roots. She knows everything about Abruzzo and if you follow her you will discover some of the tastiest and least known dishes of her land.
Francesca used the lockdown to complete her second book of stories and recipes “ Notes of Summer”, a valuable guide for those who want to have the best of Italian tradition with some innovation on their plate.
But this is also a book with wonderful photographs that, with special light and bright colours, bring joy to the reader. The colour combination of the settings and the tablecloths on the table match perfectly with the dishes, and project us directly to the table with Francesca.
Francesca has her own mantra to define the style that characterizes her: “from simple to special”.
Follow her on her social networks to participate in lessons or to learn the recipes broadcast on television.

The party and the good life begin with eating together and the beauty of a table set up with love, flowers and colours is already half the pleasure.

“They tell me that I have made whole families happy because through my teaching and my writings, many people have started cooking and now we eat much better at home, in a more attentive and careful way. I can hardly believe it, then when they send me photos of a timbale or a tart, well, I feel I have really done something good”.

Claudia Bettiol

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