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He is the author of one of the most beautiful books that should be made obligatory to all the boys: “The difficult Art of realizing their Dreams”.

He defines himself as an educator, but it is little and does not make the emotions felt during his performances. He speaks of managerial skills using the great philosophers of the past and transports us into a dimension of thought that belongs to us but which we often neglect.

In my opinion Massimiliano Massimi is one of the greatest ‘storytellers’ with a property to create images with words that is rare.

We go there and give ourselves two hours of absolute pleasure in the heart, in the spirit and in the intellect.

The appointment is Saturday 24 November at 4.30 pm at the La Polledrara farmhouse, a magical setting with a superb cuisine and the collaboration of ‘Slow Food Territories of Cesanese’.

The other dates? Come and discover or follow the Fb page of Street Philosophy.

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