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How could we miss? We followed Fieracavalli in its Summer Tour and now we’re going to celebrate its 120 years with her. A young girl!

Thanks to the exhibition ‘Cavalli, a family passion’, we had the opportunity to meet some of its representatives and we were dazzled by the space it is dedicating to equestrian tourism and the promotion of minor places. In line with our philosophy of telling stories of special people and unknown places.

We met in Atina during the Summer Tour and started telling the stories of the protagonists, from the butteri, of the knights and breeders of the Tolfetano, of Cottanello horse to the Associazione Cavalieri of the Tratturi of the Valle di Comino.

We met many artists and we followed them at the Roman Carnival in a crescendo of emotions. And now let’s go in person to celebrate its 120 years and prepare for the next season of equestrian tourism.

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