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I was at the theatre in Colleferro to see my niece acting. A small teenager who loves music with clear ideas that culture will be the illuminating beacon of her life.

I was expecting a show of teenagers from a music school that performed something like a recital by its students. But I was wrong.

I found myself in front of real professionals. The orchestra on the stage sounded divine and the actors had ‘fallen’ into their parts and conveyed appropriate emotions to the audience. Their movements were natural and there was nothing to reveal their young age but the appearance of some young members who still looked like little girls.

Some actors were also required to sing and their lyrical voices were strongly expressive while also performing technically challenging parts.

The scenography was superb. The rooms were presented with few furnishings and a screen on which were projected some artistic images of furniture, which gave the idea of a room that was lived in on stage but that let the imagination of the audience fantasise.

I was absolutely surprised and more and more convinced that culture today is alive in the provinces. That we have nothing more to envy to the great capital and that if we were slightly more professional in the promotion and communication of these performances we could really make our provincial centres alive thanks to culture and, consequently, thanks to the expanding tourism.

I forgot to mention: the musical school is the Ars Nova academy based in Ferentino and Colleferro, and the unpublished work  was “Don Quixote … the courage of madness”. My niece is Raffaella Iannone: a determined young woman!

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