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Colleferro is evolving towards big cities where food not only becomes culture but it is an opportunity to broaden the concept of culture. Such as? Turning a traditional municipal market into a polycultural centre.

The life of the open markets has changed in recent years under the pressure of supermarkets but also with the lifestyle of people. Since the markets are mainly in the morning when most people work, it was natural for a decline in the public and an aging of customers.

But if this market structure can become a centre where you can also enjoy dishes made with the products of the market, where you can listen to music or organize events and, above all, if it is open at other times such as the afternoon or evening, then we are sure that it will be a seed of cultural change. It can represent a starting point for a different way of understanding culture as something that surrounds our whole life: culture of dining, music, literature and even architecture. This is why the market has also been revaluated in its architectural form as an example of rationalist architecture by engineer Riccardo Morandi, one of the leaders of the development of Colleferro as a City of Foundation.

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