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In USA and in other parts of the world there is a real fever that concerns the genealogy and the discovery of origins, of heritage, of Italian ancestors.

For those who want to get to know their Italian Ancestors, the Italian government has put many of the registry records online at

But if your Italian is not mastered, knowing the ancestors is not enough and in order to discover your Italian heritage, your Italian roots, you need a guide who knows both cultures. Find someone able to create a bridge between two very distant realities: that of the country where you were born or live and that of the country of origin of your family and ancestors.

It often turns out that one comes from small towns in Sicily, Calabria, Molise, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Molise or Lazio (the regions of the former Bourbon Kingdom of the two Sicilies), but who really knows the life of the small villages inhabited by a few hundred people.

The life of these villages was interrupted many years ago and often several times in the last century when waves of emigrants left their country of origin taking with them the memory, memories of their youth and towns, and so many other parts of the intangible heritage.

Fortunately, today there are publishing houses like that have invested in the cataloguing of the tangible and intangible heritage of many small villages so that future generations may learn this heritage.

An Italian heritage and an experience in the discovery and telling the stories of these villages that today make available to all those who want to discover their Italian roots, savouring the true Italian lifestyle of small villages. The group of bloggers and soul researchers at discoverplaces have organized personalised special days dedicated to those who want to get to know the wonderfule emotions of having Italian roots.

Not only names and dates but also customs, lifestyles, stories of the village and the territory. And finally meetings with local manufacturers and producers and tastings of traditional dishes.

To understand the love with which the discovery of the secrets of these villages, sometimes unknown even to the residents, is brought to light you can see the activities that are carried out in the schools where the children are transformed into ‘young tour guides’ of their own town ( .

For more information, contact the discoverplaces group directly at

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