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Oliena, at the foot of Monte Corrasi, is a continual place of discovery with its splendid source of Su Gologone, beautiful and at the same time mysterious. Its deep waters are still not completely revealed, leaving that mysterious something that makes you fall in love.

Every time I come back I go there despite knowing it by heart.

Oliena is a place full of caves and history. Like Sardinia.

In the Valle di Lanaitho you enter the Grotta di Corbeddu, named after a Sardinian bandit of the last century, and the caves of Su Bentu and de Sa Oche are rich in underground lakes, stalactites and stalagmites. There are no words.

Then there are the peculiarities of the Sas Domus de Janas, small ancient houses built in the rock, and the Nuragic village of Tiscali. In short, you certainly won’t be bored.

The Olianese are a proud and hospitable people, a hospitality that is not found in other places and I am proud of this. We always greet those who pass through the streets of our town, we give  friendship and respect to all, but be careful not to do us a wrong! You will certainly lose out.

My friends who came on vacation with me know something. My relatives and friends have become theirs too.

They have involved them in their snacks in their country houses or on the mountain among the most enchanting nature. Snacks based on skewered pork, carasau bread, cheese, cannonau wine to no end.

Snacks that you know when they start but not when they end.

Two summers ago I went back to Oliena with friends from Ferentino, my cousins ​​and friends organized a snack for us on Monte Corrasi.

We went up the mountain in my cousin’s car. I was terrified, the gravel road was narrow and there was a void below us. The car seemed to touch the side of the road and I was terrified that it would precipitate at any moment.

In the distance you could see the town and, believe me, as one who suffers from vertigo it was a great challenge. I was very reassured by the peace and experience of my cousin, but this does not mean that my seat had become the mat of the car.

Finally we arrived at the snack place and I calmed down.

We sat on stones and low walls and I ate as much as I could, where we were there, if we may say so, in camps of other snacks.

In fact, hanging from the trees there was cheese, salt, wine … we borrowed a little salt.

After eating we walked even further along an uphill path and in the sun but not at all tiring, indeed relaxing I would call it.

We arrived on a large open space and I stopped to admire the landscape. The others went on exploring the landscape, and my continental friend also went for a ride going down and up with his son and then stopping to admire that scene.

Until they heard a noise behind them and, turning, they found themselves in front of a mouflon, an animal rare to see but not impossible. I’d say a nice experience.

Returning down, after retracing the stretch of road on foot, we got back in the cars to go back to the village and for me the descent was more terrifying than the ascent.

To relieve that fear, meeting a small mouflon who crossed the road at the speed of light was enough.

These are the unusual encounters that can be had during a snack and a walk on Mount Oliena.