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The black pearl of the Mediterranean: Pantelleria is not only the sea, it is much much more.

I was in Pantelleria in the middle of October and it is an absolutely wonderful time to visit this island.

In the heart of the Mediterranean: the coasts of Sicily and the coasts of Tunisia in the distance make it a place that over the centuries has been a crossroads of peoples, cultures and traditions.

I landed in Pantelleria with a direct flight from Milan Malpensa and the runway is already a particular feature: a long strip of concrete that plunges into the blue sea.


Upon arrival I rented a car, a canary yellow Panda that there are so many of, which allows me to have great freedom and autonomy in moving around … and so, I immediately feel like a local, at home.

The combination I have chosen for the holidays is a car combined with rent of an apartment … in this case I guarantee myself maximum freedom, no time … and for meals I know that I can prepare something quickly or even better I can discover the traditional cooking of the restaurants!

In fact, on the island, especially in the lively city centre, there are many possibilities and places that allow me to taste the many delicacies, sweet and savoury!

Being an island, Pantelleria has the sea as its predominant element. But it is an authentic and naked sea. The coasts are in fact rocky and the waters are crystal clear and iridescent.

On the island there are many simple entry points into the water, so I can with gusto immerse myself in the refreshing waters and enjoy the relaxation and experience.

On a cloudy day, I discover with amazement the hot springs that characterize some places. Protected by pools, they allow you to immerse yourself and take advantage of the warmth that rises from the earth, creating pleasant ponds.

On a wonderful sunny day instead, I choose to enjoy its waters and its colours thanks to a wonderful boat excursion that allows me to enjoy truly interesting panoramas and views from a different and priceless perspective. The tour of the island can be done in one day and navigation is interspersed with regenerating dives in crystal clear waters.

With the sun I also discover the incredible beauty of Lago Venere (Lake Venus), the undisputed symbol of Pantelleria.

This volcanic lake is a mirror in which the colours of the sky and nature are reflected and its power transmits energy and well-being.

The lake has bright colours that enchant and contrast with the white and bright coasts: this magical eye has in fact the only sandy beaches on the island, which thanks to the beneficial properties are transformed, in some places, into precious mud with which to caress and purify the skin.

During the holiday I try to alternate between rest and activities to discover the interior: the park and the Montagna Grande offer me trekking and mountain bike trails that I didn’t expect … The walks or tracks are varied and adapt to the level of preparation .

But surely singular and unfailing is the stop at the natural sauna: an odour is created inside a particular cave and I can enjoy and appreciate this experience at the end of a beautiful excursion!

Inland, wooded nature alternates with terraces with cultivation of capers and vineyards that make the landscape very different and appealing!

The land is in fact very generous in Pantelleria: there are many precious fruits that are then processed giving tasty flavours to local food and wine.

There are many tasty Local dishes on the table. In some I find the authenticity of the island with simple ingredients worked with skill, such as the Pantesca salad, in others I savour the ancient culture and the past dominations that turn into Arabic dishes.

All of course always generously accompanied and washed down with locally produced wines that are an excellent island experience, such as the Passito di Pantelleria.

For those who are hungry and thirsty for culture, they will discover a jewel with great historical charm. Pantelleria is an open-air archaeological museum. From the different points of historical interest and from the excavations carried out, archaeological pieces emerge every year that speak of ancient civilizations.

For diving enthusiasts, there are many possibilities to experience this feeling even just by diving down and admiring the seabed.

The island has infinite riches. The greatest and priceless value that I have found, however, are its inhabitants, with the welcome they reserve for me and the friendliness that you would never want to leave.

But when it is time to return, I enjoy one last magical and indescribable sunset.

I admire the sun that greets me, a fiery ball that colours the sky with bright shades, knowing that with Pantelleria it is not a farewell, but it is…

Arrivederci, Pantelleria, see you soon.