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So, you have a tired old pool in your home, club or apartment block. It is probably tiled and has all the signs of old age.

It costs a ‘packet’ to keep it warm enough to use and the heat just seems to get sucked into the ground, maybe warming your town. Do you call in the pool renovation stonemasons and destroy it? Do you fill it in, abandon it, and lose the benefits you invested in those years ago.

Wait! there is an option. Did you know that you can create a totally new pool within your existing pool? It’s not just a facelift, it will be a total body lift, taking away its wrinkles and making the pool young again with all the curves of youthful beauty. Preformati Italia will make your pool shine and smile, dress it in fine outfits and make it a source of fun. You and your pool can relax and you can entertain in your renaissance pool.

This is what had happened at Villa Italia in Arco when a 20 years old low energy efficiency pool has been transformed into a high efficiency spa. Their pool has the classical rectangular shape with the typical blue tiles of the ’90s, and the new owner of the resort wanted something more attractive for today’s tourists.
After just 20 days, Preformati Italia had converted this pool into a modern spa with different sections: a level for hydro massage and one for relaxation beds, while also improving the energy efficiency behaviour.

Yet, how do they do this amazing Pool Renovation?

Preformati Italia is the creator of revolutionary design and materials engineering technology that delivers your dream pool renovation cost effectively and with top energy efficiency. Their solution uses EPS (expanded sealed cell polystyrene), a light weight, strong and machinable material with top thermal (and electrical) insulation. The impervious tough and smooth finish is a proprietary resin pleasant to the touch, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

The team from Preformati will sit alongside you and show you the breadth of features and shapes that will revolutionise your water pleasure experience. Together with Preformati Italia, you will design your dream pool renovation, adding water features that you couldn’t have conceived, features that Preformati has developed and proven on terraces in Milan, in villas, inside and outdoors in hotels and homes. You may choose engineered steps, benches, slides, loungers, spa features, water effects and special lighting.

Preformati Italia has been designing, building and installing personalised pools for 15 years. At their design, engineering and manufacturing facility near Bassano del Grappa, where they conceived the ‘pool in pool’ renovation project, your individual project will be realised and constructed before being transported to your site and installed seamlessly over your old pool.

Watch and wonder, then just add water and have fun!

(This article is reproduced under licence from Energitismo Limited)

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